Monthly Archive: April, 2016

Port Douglas, Queensland – Part 2

The morning of the GREAT BARRIER REEF TRIP. We were SO excited!! Same selfie, different location 😉 We booked the Calypso Snorkel Only tour with Tropical Journeys. When we boarded the boat, there… Continue reading

Port Douglas, Queensland – Part 1

Adam and I booked this trip within the first couple of weeks of arriving in Australia. It was a bit more expensive than what we were hoping to spend, but snorkelling the Great… Continue reading

Sharpening My Cooking Skills

In addition to baking, I’ve also had some time to practice my cooking skills. I’m not one to just throw things together. I typically need a recipe, but I’m getting better at just… Continue reading

My Baking Adventures

I love to bake. It is definitely a stress reliever for me. Although I haven’t really been stressed while in Australia, it’s still a nice thing that I like to do, especially as… Continue reading

Tea + Wine = My Favourite Things

This past weekend was filled with fun. Kirsty and I decided at the last minute to go to a vegan High Tea with her mother-in-law. While the guest speaker was interesting…(Miranda Kerr’s mom),… Continue reading

Red Hill and Arboretum

After our epic road trip, we wanted to take it easy on the weekend and just stick around Canberra. We went to the farmer’s market and sipped coffee at cafes. Basically, we just… Continue reading

Hello Melbourne!

Since my mom mentioned my blog on Facebook (hi Mom!) and more people might be reading, I feel like I have to up my writing / blogging. After all, I’m a scientist, not… Continue reading