Hello Melbourne!

Since my mom mentioned my blog on Facebook (hi Mom!) and more people might be reading, I feel like I have to up my writing / blogging. After all, I’m a scientist, not a writer. But, I’ll try my best!

So, after spending the day taking in the sights and driving along the Great Ocean Road, we arrived at our destination: Melbourne! We were lucky enough to stay with our friends in the city. They were such great hosts and had awesome suggestions as to what we should do during our trip.

The first night we went out for dumplings in Chinatown and to the Melbourne Comedy Festival. We saw ‘Best of Edinburgh’, which had 3 comedians: one from Ireland, one from England and one from Canada. Woohoo! Personally, I thought the Canadian was the funniest. Sara even yelled out that we were from Muskoka and he definitely knew where that was. He made fun of us a bit 🙂

The next day Adam and I headed to Queen Victoria Market. According to wiki, it’s around seven hectares (17 acres)…HUGE! Since it was Easter Sunday not all the stalls were open, but we still had a great time wandering around.

We did a bit of a self-guided walking tour through a small section of Melbourne. The city is known for laneways and arcades where there are these tiny little shops, cafes, and bars. We stopped for lunch and grabbed a coffee along the way.

The city is also famous for its awesome street art. Here’s what we randomly found down one laneway:

Melbourne is such a cool city. There is ALWAYS something going on there. I think a couple weekends ago it was the Formula 1 Grand Prix, then there’s the Melbourne Cup (horse race), and the Australian Open (tennis), just to name a few. It’s also the birthplace of Aussie rules football (or footy, as the locals call it). When found out there was a game on the weekend we were visiting we DEFINITELY had to go.


The pitch is absolutely huge. SO. MUCH. RUNNING. These guys are incredibly athletic and it was a very impressive game to watch, even if you don’t know all the rules. After the game, they let all the spectators run down onto the pitch. What a cool experience. Note that while we were taking the photo with Sara and Lasse, someone through a ball and hit me directly in the face. Haha! I felt like I got the true Aussie rules experience!

We followed the game up with some beer and food at a couple pubs and watched even more footy on TV. I’m hooked!

On Easter Monday, we decided to go to Chapel Street to wander around and do some shopping! This street was a great mix of local and brand name shops, as well as tons of restaurants, bars, and cafes. Our lunch was a yummy plate of fish, rice, and salad:


Since Adam put up with many hours of shopping, we also headed to the Botanical Gardens to round out the day. On our way, we strolled down Lovers Walk 🙂

Adam in his favourite bit of the gardens: Fern Gully. This guy seriously loves ferns.


On our way back to the train station we passed the National Gallery and decided to head inside. We only had 15 minutes but we managed to see some of the free exhibits.

Even the train station is cool!

And so are the houses…DSC02824

Finally, before we headed out the next day we stopped at this little cafe down the street. It was honestly SO good. I got a tofu kale gratin and while that may not sound tasty to some people, it was incredible! Adam got homemade crumpets with mascarpone and honey. Also delicious.

On the way home we stopped at a few nice towns, including one with this weird, cartoon-looking pub.


Apparently we can’t go on the road without stopping at a winery. I guess this is what you do when you’re super relaxed, on vacation, and have no obligation to return home.