Red Hill and Arboretum

After our epic road trip, we wanted to take it easy on the weekend and just stick around Canberra. We went to the farmer’s market and sipped coffee at cafes. Basically, we just relaxed.  One day we took a nice walk to the top of Red Hill.

On the way up, we saw this guy. A bright orange lizard! We looked a bit scary and like he was going to lunge at us. Knowing that everything in Australia wants to kill you, we snapped a few photos and kept walking.


View from the top!

Next, we headed to the National Arboretum of Canberra. The arboretum was created after several bushfires destroyed the area. They have 100 different species of trees from around the world, which will grow into a beautiful forest over the next several years.

My favourite was the Cork Oak Forest. They carefully strip the outer cork layer every 10 years or so. You can see where they’ve done this in the bottom picture below. The dark area on the trees is where the cork has been stripped.

And like I said, many coffee shops were visited throughout the week: