Tea + Wine = My Favourite Things

This past weekend was filled with fun. Kirsty and I decided at the last minute to go to a vegan High Tea with her mother-in-law. While the guest speaker was interesting…(Miranda Kerr’s mom), the food and fresh-pressed juices were lovely and the champagne was flowing!


20160409_155732 (1)

Before that, Adam and I went on a little hike to Red Rock Gorge in South Canberra. We passed pedestrians, mountain bikers, and even horseback riders on the path.

Possibly a praying mantis?


This weekend was also the harvest wine festival in Canberra so we decided to go to a few of the wineries near Lake George. This “lake” is currently empty because of the drought in Australia.


We stayed for lunch and live piano / jazz music at one of the wineries. I’ve noticed that my taste in Australian wines is quite different than my taste in Canadian wines. At home I veer towards Rieslings as they are a bit sweeter, but in Australia the Rieslings are quite dry. Instead, I’ve been enjoying Chardonnay and Rose, which are usually too dry for me.

Again, a wonderful weekend spent with friends in Canberra!