Port Douglas, Queensland – Part 1

Adam and I booked this trip within the first couple of weeks of arriving in Australia. It was a bit more expensive than what we were hoping to spend, but snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef was something on both of our bucket lists. We didn’t know when we’d get the opportunity to do it again, so we took the plunge and booked it.

It also has always marked the end of our 3 month trip to Australia, since after we returned from Queensland it would only be 10 days until we had to pack up and move back to Canada. So, as the date approached it was a little bittersweet.

Part 1 of the trip recap will be about our journey up north and the town of Port Douglas, where we stayed for 4 nights.

Our flight left bright and early in the morning, around 7:30AM, with a 4-hour layover in Brisbane. Luckily, Brisbane airport is right next to an outlet shopping centre. Well, lucky for me…not so lucky for Adam. The time passed quickly with some shopping and lunch. His and hers:


The next flight was to Cairns, which was about a 1-hour shuttle drive away from our final destination: Port Douglas.


Port Douglas is a cute little town with loads of shops, cafes, pubs, and restaurants. We found it very relaxing. That night we walked around the town, enjoyed the views, went out for some local seafood and watched the fruit bats.



The other two days we went to The Little Larder, which is owned by the same people as LanternFish. The sandwiches and cocktails were SO good (which is why we went back for more!)

I booked our hotel through Expedia, so I wasn’t really sure what we’d get. It was quite nice. No frills, but exactly what we needed. It had a kitchenette and was right on the main street of the town. We didn’t have a car and it was very convenient to walk everywhere from our hotel. We even managed to get in some pool time.

One morning we took a scenic self-guided walking tour of Port Douglas. The town is quite small, so it didn’t take much time. But, it was nice to get out and stretch our legs.

Apparently one of the restaurants feeds this giant groper fish every evening at 5pm. They said it was around 200kg! The staff tried to lure it with fish heads and we saw the seabed being stirred up. He even got away with one of the fish heads, but unfortunately, they weren’t able to pull him up and we didn’t catch a glimpse of George the Groper.

Here is someone else’s video featuring George. I don’t think I’m that upset that we missed him. He’s not very pretty. We enjoyed some drinks and took in the view of the water and sunset while we waited, though.


Although the town was wonderful, the main attraction (for me) was the Great Barrier Reef! Stay tuned for the next blog post recapping our day on the water.