Port Douglas, Queensland – Part 2

The morning of the GREAT BARRIER REEF TRIP. We were SO excited!!


Same selfie, different location 😉20160420_081124

We booked the Calypso Snorkel Only tour with Tropical Journeys. When we boarded the boat, there was fresh fruit, tea, coffee and water provided. It started to rain a little, but everyone said that it would just be on the shore. Out at sea shouldn’t be a problem. However, what they DID tell us was that it was pretty rocky out there. During the safety talk, they mentioned several times that it would be a good idea to take some anti-nausea medication if you were prone to motion sickness.

Because I wanted to enjoy the boat trip and snorkelling as much as possible, I followed their instructions: bought the pharmaceutical strength medication and sat at the back of the boat where it would be the least bumpy. Worked for me! I felt pretty great the whole time. Other passengers, though…woah. I felt so badly for them.

Our first stop was on Opal Reef. I was a bit nervous about snorkelling since I had only ever gone off the beach in Maui, but it was super easy to get in off the back of the boat. They even provided pool noodles for floating 🙂

Since it was still stinger season, it was mandatory that we wear the provided stinger suits. Pretty stylish, eh?


The suits covered us from head to toe, even with little mitten flaps to cover our hands. Box jellyfish are extremely dangerous and their sting can be fatal, so I was happy to wear these!

Into the water we went and were able to see some amazing coral. I think this is where we also saw a Blacktip Reef Shark. These sharks aren’t threatening and are generally scared of humans.

Kirsty and Mark let us borrow their underwater camera case to take some photos. It was quite difficult to use, and you can’t really see the brilliant colours of the coral, but it’s better than nothing! We were able to get a few good ones. Just trust me when I say that the colours were 1000x more vibrant in person.




Our second stop was apparently listed as one of the National Geographic’s top snorkelling sites. The crew on the boat jumped in the water and gave us a snorkel tour of the reef. Here I am, listening intently. Note my conehead, which Adam did not tell me I had. He said it was good because he could always spot me in the water when we got too far away from each other 🙂 I also didn’t notice until the END of the day that we were the only ones wearing our hoods. Oh well, better safe than DEATH BY JELLYFISH.


The tour guide pointed out giant clams (not pictured) and we got to hold sea cucumbers and mushroom coral (not my photos below).


Source: www.theeggeadventure.com/gallery3/var/albums/great_barrier_reef/Mushroom%20Coral.jpg

We saw lots of large tropical fish, and even spotted a stingray!


There were these big fish called Humphead Wrasse (google photos of them, they’re so crazy looking). They were super friendly and swam right up to you. It’s hard to see, but in the first photo, the crew member is playing with one of them in the water.


Our last stop on the reef was at Agincourt Reef. A lot of the photos above were taken from this location as well. Here are some other crazy-looking creatures we encountered:

The whole day we were provided with loads of food. Cakes, cookies, fruit, and a buffet lunch. I had previously mentioned via email that I was dairy-free and they even had special items just for me. A pleasant surprise. We would definitely recommend booking with Tropical Journeys if anyone is in Port Douglas or Cairns and wants to take a trip to the Great Barrier Reef.

After a full day on the reef and before heading back to the mainland I popped another sea sickness pill and sat at the front AND top of the boat. Look at me…daredevil! 🙂

We enjoyed some sun and reflected on our amazing day on the water. This was such a special experience and not one that everyone gets to enjoy. I’m so grateful that we had this opportunity.