Port Douglas, Queensland – Part 3

The final part of the Port Douglas trip. We chose Port Douglas partly because it was 1 hour closer by boat to the Great Barrier Reef and also because it was 1 hour closer to Cape Tribulation. This is where two world heritage sites meet (Daintree Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef).

We booked the rainforest tour through Tropical Journeys, which was the same tour company we used for the Great Barrier Reef tour and been really impressed with. They picked us up at 7:20am and we were on our way. First pick-up meant we got the front seats. Woohoo!

We had to cross the river on a ferry:


Our first stop was a lookout in the rainforest. I was using the camera on my phone, which I think was getting a bit fogged up from the humidity.





Next up was a guided walk, where our tour guide described the different plants and animals. These spiders are actually not dangerous at all and are very common. They are HUGE though (females). The males are these tiny specs that are in the web, trying to stay away from the female so she doesn’t eat them. He sneaks up on her to mate and then goes and hides again haha!

Kirsty – if you’re reading this…do NOT look at the next photo!

The ferns and palms are amazing and haven’t changed or evolved since they’ve been there, anywhere between 100 and 180 million years ago.





Next stop, Cape Tribulation. Beautiful views and beach:

Not that you’d want to go swimming. They put up enough warning signs to scare me off.



More of Australia’s amazing wildlife. The photo on the bottom left is a Lace Monitor lizard, which can grow to be 2 metres long. I’m not sure what the one on the right is, but he’s a bit cuter.

The last few stops were at the Mossman Gorge and Daintree Forest Ice Cream. They grow all their own fruit for the ice cream on their property and serve a sample cup with 4 flavours, which change daily (you don’t get to choose). They served us pineapple, passionfruit, Davidson plum, and wattleseed.

I usually avoid dairy, but of course, I had to sample some of Adam’s ice cream. I think wattleseed was my favourite. It tasted like a mix of hazelnut, coffee, and chocolate. Mmmmm.

The tour company had advertised that we could go swimming in the waterfall at Mossman Gorge, but when we got to the park it was sign-posted that swimming was banned right now due to fast currents. We were pretty bummed.



The whole day in the rainforest was awesome and we learned so much about the history of the plants and creatures that live there. Adam loves his ferns, so I think he was in his happy place there 🙂

The next day we still had half a day before the shuttle was picking us up for our flight back to Canberra. We had a leisurely morning in Port Douglas and took the time to relax and enjoy the town more. With only 10 days left in our entire Australia trip, we savoured every moment.



It was such a memorable trip to Queensland and I’m so happy I got to spend it with my wonderful husband! (cheeeeeeese)